How we find
the perfect match

Step one:


Our first step in any recruitment process is to engage with your organisation on a discovery exercise that will help us to truly understand your business, it's needs, company culture and what values a good candidate should bring. We will also use this to understand any pain-points or barriers you may be facing in a particular team or on a company-wide level to understand what a "game-changing" candidate will look like for your organisation.

This also allows us to better match candidates to companies to ensure a good cultural fit for both, making it more likely that candidates will be happy with their new role, deliver best results and allowing you to maintain a high retention rate.

Step two:


Once we have pro-actively driven traffic through to a job advertisement, our team will begin to screen candidates to find best fit candidates to move forward. Unlike many recruitment firms, we do not rush through screening, we allow time to speak with candidates to understand their potential and skillset beyond a CV or ticking boxes of a job specification.

We work with clients and candidates to understand where added-value can be found and how a candidate may progress within a role meaning that both our clients and candidate get a much more tailored, involved and personal experience to ensure that the perfect match is found.

Step three:


After screening applications for candidates with a high match rate, we run candidates through two additional interview rounds. Firstly, we look at technical skills in the related field to understand not just whether a candidate can fulfill a role but also their technical competency.

This allows our clients to understand the technical capabilities of each candidate on a more robust level and identify any area for improvement which could be provided training for.

Step four:

Culture fit

The second, additional interview round is our culture-fit assessment in which we use a psychometric personality assessment tool to identify a candidates personality type, leadership style, strengths, weaknesses and potential clashing traits so we can find someone who will work well within your team and best represent your values as a brand.

In addition, we can offer support materials to individuals and teams based on these assessments to provide them insights on self development techniques for their personality type, allowing them to be a more productive team member, stronger leader or address any potential areas for improvement.

Step five:


Once we have a shortlist of candidates we feel would be a bets fit, we will pass these on to your team and conduct a debrief meeting to talk through candidates potential and findings discovered during the filtering process.