A modern approach
to recruitment

Our Ethos

We believe that traditional recruitment has become too cookie-cutter for modern business needs. Businesses now need more than just ticking the boxes of a job specification. Businesses are now under-threat more than ever from disruptors and a rapidly changing businesses landscape. Sway was created to help organisations find candidates that will bring new perspectives, fresh thinking and progressive ideas to a role to allow organisation to continue to survive, grow and innovate.

Many organisations will hire team members with similar backgrounds or experience to their existing team, this can lead to an organisation having the inability to expand their thinking on business processes, offerings and more. Making any organisation at risk of disruption. Sway aim to find candidates that not only fill a role, but, who also provide a new mindset to a team and can play their part in pushing an organisation to new concepts and opportunities.

Our Team

Our team contains award-winning experts from backgrounds in marketing, innovation, recruitment, behavioral psychology and people management. We have spent our careers understanding, building or working with break-through, disruptive focused organisations across the globe and as such understand the power a disruptive thinker or a fresh perspective can have for any organisation in any sector.

Our Group

Sway is part of the Gravitas Group/Edenic Group family of companies. A group that focuses on disruptive thinking, creativity and innovation. This experience has provided us with the insight to create a modern recruitment process for modern business needs, underpinned by team members with strong backgrounds in recruitment to create a service which can focus on discovering "game-changers" in any industry.