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Emerging Roles
For businesses

The commercial landscape is moving quickly. Unprecedented events are changing the way business is done and the way we act as consumers. The digital age and technology is advancing rapidly. New social, environment, legislative and global events are constantly challenging life and business as we know it. This could be climate change, political shifts like Brexit, health crises like COVID-19 and so on. In such a fast-moving world, new roles and responsibilities are emerging within the workplace. Organisations cannot just thrive on the specifications of traditional roles and hierarchy. New skills, ideas, processes and approaches are needed from employees. Sometimes, that role will not have a clear or defined title or brief, and we’re here to help you with that. We can take your concerns, needs and requirements and translate these into a defined, bespoke job specification, and recruit a pool of potential candidates with the unique combination of qualities or skills needed to bring that specification to life. Creating a new and emerging job vacancy within your organisation can bring a multitude of benefits.

be a gamechanger

Challenge the status quo

One of the key reasons organisations succumb to disruption is because they are not bold enough or brave enough to think differently and challenge their current offer or process. Appointing one or a team of people in the business that are tasked with provoking the way things are done is a great way to breathe new life into the organisation. It evokes excitement, new possibilities and can get the business firing on fresh cylinders to challenge the norm and create new opportunities. This is how you head towards being a disruptor of your industry and not a victim of disruption. You need to provoke the business. New emerging roles can do this.

Keep costs low

Reduce Overheads and Streamline

People hired in a new emerging role can have a rich and varied brief working across different departments. A key benefit to this is they can see how the organisation is working together and suggest ways in which the business can streamline, cut dead processes and work as a more unified unit. This saves time, cost and employee frustration. This is because the person is not hired to fulfil a traditional job specification but rather achieve now objectives and help drive the business forward, which involves exploring all aspects of the organisation

new opportunities

New pipeline opportunities

With change comes opportunity. Talent hired in a new emerging job role can really drive and influence a business to innovate and trial new ideas and concepts. If repeated, this becomes a company culture and having an ‘innovation always on’ culture will only increase opportunities to build new products, services and revenue streams.

A happy workforce

Better Sustainability, Better CSR, Better Employee Well Being

When it comes to building company culture, fulfilling good social responsibility or playing your part in tackling climate change, the opportunities for new thinking and innovation are abundant. Is no longer about fulfilling traditional tasks or ticking boxes. We are now in an age where it is expected for businesses to really show how they are truly sustainable, or how they really do look after the welfare of their employees, or how they care about their community. It’s hard to clearly define this into a single job role or specification. This is where creating a new or emerging job role really adds value. It’s your business creating opportunity.

Emerging Roles
For Candidates

It’s important more than ever that candidates applying for job vacancies really show their uniqueness and where they can really add value to an organisation, beyond the job specification. What have you done? How do you solve problems? Do you use technology and if so in what context? Can you make things happen and think creatively? This stuff is exciting and where you can really make yourself shine when applying for a role. The idea of an emerging role is that it’s a job that does not exist, but if it were created, it would bring real value to the business. Fresh thinking, innovation, new approaches coupled with knowledge and experience of existing practices, in whatever specialism, will really help you to shine. We can help you to showcase your unique offer to businesses and find custom job roles that will leverage your personality, skills and knowledge.

Better balance

More flexibility

When you have a range of skills and new thinking, and when you can bring innovative approaches to an existing product, process or setting, you’re in a great position to almost create your job role. The business is looking for change and a different perspective and in an emerging role, you can help shape what that change is and how it is implemented. Unique thinking can bring new career opportunities and help you stand out.

Love what you do

Every day is a new day

What’s great about emerging roles is that the day is day will be so varied. You may be informing internal culture, looking at sales practices or marking, developing enhancements to a product, figuring out how to be more sustainable. All of these areas connect and if the business has brought you onboard to look at these varied areas, then your projects, workflow and day to day should be pretty animated and never the same. This means you have to be agile, on your toes, creative and able to handle pressure, but if that’s who you are, then everyday can be a fresh day for you.

Work for the right brand

No Geographic Restrictions

What’s great about emerging roles is that they don’t have to be dictated by location or rigid existing requirements. The role is emerging, it’s new and it’s open to discussion. Part of your discussion with an employer as a new employee would certainly be around how they can best leverage your skills and how you can best add value. This may involve working remotely, using new tech platforms, creating break away teams, bringing in external collaborators, creating a video or podcast series and so on. What it doesn’t need to be is a specific office, at a specific time and when you remove those barriers, the opportunities for emerging job vacancies become far more apparent.

Make a name for yourself

Build Professional Reputation

When you become known for solving problems, improving situations, adding commercial value and so on, you gain a reputation for being a person that delivers. What’s great about an emerging job role which has a varied brief is that you can really make your mark and highlight your capabilities and the value that you can bring to organisations and wider projects. It’s more of an entrepreneurial trait than it is an employee job specification, and entrepreneurial thinking in any organisation is a great way to help it to thrive, grow, innovate and become a leader in its industry.