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Benefits of Remote Roles
For businesses

Once thought of as a luxury benefit for high-powered consultants and business executives, the concept of remote working was often not considered as an option in most workplaces. But, the good news is this is changing. The COVID pandemic forced a situation where many of us had no choice but to adapt to working from home and employers had to pivot their operations to enable this to happen. As a result, many employers discovered that allowing remote working comes with a multitude of benefits for both the employer and employee. Now, some of the most notable brands are pivoting their operations to continue remote working as a key option available to their employees. Here are some of the benefits that remote working enables.

Find the best of the best

Remove geographic restrictions

When you’re looking for talent and the right person to join your organisation, the restrictions posed by location should no longer be a factor. By opening up the reach of potential candidates and enabling applications from a wider area, the pool of potential matches opens up significantly. Of course, this also encourages more collaboration and skill sharing across the business community and enables wider economic growth opportunities. Skills sets that are typically abundant in one area of the country and less so in another can now be better distributed by using remote working to encourage applicants to explore jobs roles across the nation.

Keep costs low

Reduce overheads

The need for large infrastructure, offices, equipment, car parking etc no longer needs to be a factor. Remote working means that you can hugely reduce your reliance on having a large base to accommodate multiple employees. In fact, by going fully remote or even flexi-remote, you might be more encouraged to have employees utilise a communal work space like a hot desk on a tech hub or ‘We Work’ type of environment rather than coming into a fixed office. Where you do need to have infrastructure, for example in manufacturing, you can massively reduce the scale of what's required by enabling support and office staff to adopt a more remote based role.

Do more. Make more.

Increase productivity

There are more and more studies confirming the benefits to productivity through remote working. Employees that have flexibility, a good work and life balance and less stress to adhere to a mundane repetitive cycle of commuting, clocking in and out and watching the clock waiting for the lunch hour, are far more likely to knuckle down and produce more quality work. Sure, this may not be within the rigid time frame of 9-5, but does that matter? In most cases, no. What’s key is the work produced is quality and adds to the success of the business

Be more green

Better Sustainability

In a world where sustainability and the effects of climate change are key considerations for us all, especially in the business community, every effort organisations can make to reduce their carbon footprint and that of their workforce is a positive one. It’s likely there will be more rigid legislation post COP26 for organisations to meet specific reduced carbon emission targets, so employers should really get on the front foot here and play their role in reducing their carbon footprint. A key way to do this is to reduce the need for communing and the need to power and sustain a large infrastructure to house their staff.

Benefits of Remote Roles
For Candidates

It’s hard to be a candidate in the job market. Whatever your industry, the restrictions caused by geography can massively reduce the role opportunities that are available. For many, the need to relocate to find work is a daunting one. This is where the ‘new normal’ of remote working has a massive advantage for candidates looking to land their dream job. If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, being able to work remotely will be a huge string to your bow and increase your chances of finding a great job substantially. Here are some of the benefits of being able to work remotely.

Better balance

More flexibility

Your daily life opens up, because you have far more time flexibility. You’re able to focus on key work tasks and power through work with bursts of energy, knowing that you are able to take breaks and time out to accommodate daily home life. This might be the school run, a doctor's appointment, waiting for a parcel and so on. It also means that you are able to accommodate and adapt to unique circumstances that your employer requires from time to time. Working late on a project, attending an event, collaborating with external stakeholders and so on. Fundamentally, you are able to manage your time and target your energy and resources to the important tasks as and when required.

Save travel costs

No need for commuting to work

The daily commute has got to be one of key stresses for most employees. The age old frustrations of the early alarm clock, missing breakfast, rushing about, stuck in traffic etc. None of this lends itself to a productive and comfortable work mindset. When you remove the stress of commuting to a fixed workplace at a fixed time, you’re able to focus your mind and more calmly settle into your workday. Of course, by reducing the need for commuting, you’re also playing your part in developing a sustainable business.

Work for the right brand

No Geographic Restrictions

Remove geographic barriers and the opportunities available to you to find your dream job massively increase. If you live in the North and your potential employer is based in the South, no problem. With remote working, you’re able to confidently apply for a job vacancy that is not local to you. This immediately sets your career path on a whole new trajectory and opens up a wave of new opportunities and potential new job vacancies available to you.

Be your own boss

More autonomy

Employees invariably want to do a good job and deliver their best work. But this is often hampered by micro-management and daily workplace tasks that take away from your ability to get things done in the way that best suits your skills and work mentality. With remote working, you can structure your day, task list and environment to enable you to deliver quality work and be in the best frame of mind to handle your role responsibilities and work output.