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Translation & Interpretation
For businesses

We live, work and communicate in a globalised, connected world. This means more than ever before, businesses need to be able to integrate with countries and understand different cultures. Businesses must be able to comfortably communicate with and understand colleagues, stakeholders, partners and customers around the world. Having a team of excellent translators and interpreters that can help your business overcome language or culture barriers is a great investment for any global organisation. It’s not just about language, it’s also about cultural appropriation, tone of voice, understanding customs and traditions and so on. We can support businesses in hiring qualified, experienced and knowledgeable translators and interpreters that can help integrate and coordinate communication with international audiences.

Improve communication

Remove Language and Cultural Restrictions

It’s simple, if you can understand the language and communicate, and you understand the culture of the country you are communicating with, then you have a far greater opportunity to do businesses with them and grow your international markets. Simple things like a badly translated website can mean the difference between having a successful relationship or making no traction with an international market. Whether you are looking to export, import or collaborate with another country, the need to have excellent communication and cultural appropriation in place is going to be paramount.

New opportunities

Build or Hire an International Workforce

A company that can confidently communicate with international audiences is a company that has more opportunity. This is especially true when it comes to hiring. It may be that you want to open a location in another country to grow that market. Or, it could be that you want to widen the recruitment net to attract a certain skill set which is prominent in other countries. Whatever the case, when it comes to hiring international employees, and growing a trusted team, communication is the first point of call. If you have this right and have a team of international translators in place, you’ll be off to a promising start.

Do more. Make more.

Increase productivity

It’s amazing how much time and productivity can be lost by just having poor communication. Misinterpreting an email request, typing in the wrong currency, calculating the wrong weight for shipping and so on. There are so many little things that can go wrong when working at an international level, which collectively can really cost your business. Having competent and clear international translators hugely reduces the risk of these errors and makes for a far smoother and less costly workflow.

build a rich culture

Encourage a Diverse Workforce

Some of the best ideas come from those that have experienced and lived in other countries. International colleagues can bring a whole new feel to the team, with new perspectives, ideas, working practices and colleague interactions. A strong, diverse workforce that is made up of different languages and cultures can completely transform the way a department or even a whole company operates. Having a team of translators that can play a crucial role in the hiring of international colleagues, and helping set the business up to accommodate international colleagues is a great approach to HR, people management and building a good company culture.

Translation & Interpretation
For Candidates

As a translator or interpreter, you have a specialised skill that can be an excellent asset to any organisation. We live in a globalised world, where we are all more connected and almost no country is out of reach. So, the importance for organisations to be able to communicate and engage with different languages and cultures is high. It used to be that language services would prodmonently be used for niche areas like legal or more official public sector work, but now, the need for such talent across all commercial and cultural industries is vital. If you’re language specialised, translator or interpreter, we can help you find vacancies that allow you to really put your skills to use in new areas, where you can really help businesses to grow their internal audiences and collaboration opportunities. Below, we have listed some of the key areas for consideration for a commercial translator.

Global reach

More Vacancy Opportunities

By applying your language skills to new environments, you can to some extent influence the scale of your own role. Remember, as the language expert you have the best knowledge of how to interact with the international audience. So you have a key influence on the steps a business might take to best engage with the recipient. This could be a new international customer, a supplier, a business partner and so on. Communication is the key for any business, so it has to be right. Think of your skill in that context and beyond the science of just translating languages, and you’ll immediately see wider vacancy opportunities, where you can bring added value.

See the world

International Work and Travel Opportunities

If you’re bilingual you are in a relatively unique and sought after group of people, and as such have a greater opportunity of being recruited for an international vacancy over someone who only speaks their native language. When looking for new translator job vacancies, consider international opportunities or organisations that have a global presence. Your ability to speak different languages puts you in a unique position when the firm considers where and how you might add value to their global operations.

contribute to company culture

Help to Diversify and Enhance the Workplace Culture

It’s likely that if you are bilingual, or have worked in the translation industry for some time, or perhaps you have travelled a lot or at least have a keen interest in other countries and cultures. This can bring a rich stimulus to workplace cultures and help influence friendship and rapport within a team. Like in all walks of life, a diverse culture and the introduction of new influences and ideas from other countries is a great way to create a vibrant employee community.

Be your own boss

More autonomy

You’re in a unique position of being able to fulfill tasks that many of your colleagues are unable to do. When it comes to language, translation and understanding cultures, you are the colleague best placed to determine the most effective way of working and fulfilling your work commitments. Much of this work could likely be done remotely without the need to be in a fixed office and how you structure your day could be fairly flexible in most cases. If you can arm yourself with the skills and knowledge of key technology, especially project management and collaboration platforms, then you can develop a very streamlined ecosystem that allows you to provide your unique services to an organisation in a very agile and focussed way. This will be particularly helpful if you’re applying for an international based or travelling based role and shows the employer that you have really considered how they can best leverage your skills.